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What Makes Us and Our Service Special?

Pet's roles in our families have changed dramatically, and their care has evolved accordingly. You love them as children and want the best of everything for them. Gone are the days of tiny kennels or hoping the neighbor kid will drop over. Instead, you want top-notch, worry-free care from an experienced, certified professional.


Oh, Fur Pet's Sake is a licensed, insured, and bonded company. Pet care is our passion, and it's all we do. Every aspect of our service is exemplary, from our mobile scheduling app to our real-time, full-time communication with your sitter. We customize everything based on your pet's needs, then we go beyond that and spoil them. 


When you can't take them with you, we will care for them in their own home where they are the most comfortable, secure, and happy. We treat them as our own because we love them as our own. 

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