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Our Canine Constitutional Proogram

Providing Professional, Worry-Free Pet Care for Your Furry, Feathered, and Scaly Family Members


The Canine Constitutional

Schedule two or more walks a week
$20 for a 30-minute walk

Perhaps you have a pandemic puppy who can't tolerate long days at home. Or you have a Siberian Husky whom you can't tolerate if she has long days at home. Maybe you're sidelined after surgery or injury. These are all reasons the Canine Constitutional is for you!

Learn more about the benefits of
dog walks from our recent blog post

Put your dog's walks on autopilot by scheduling routine walks with us. The only requirement is that you schedule two or more walks per calendar week. We'll do the rest.

Our mobile app alerts you when we arrive and sends you a full report card with photos and GPS coordinates of walks.

We customize our walks to your pet's needs, but here are some of our essential services:

  • ​GPS maps of completed exercise routes

  • Poop pickup

  • Detailed visit report, including photos

  • A happy and healthy dog

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