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The Pack Leaders of Oh, Fur Pet's Sake

We're a small business operated by two people who love pets.



After quitting her corporate cubicle gig of 25 years, Holly asked herself that often whimsically-asked question, "If money was no object, what would be my dream job?" Of course, given the context under which you're reading this, her answer isn't exactly a big reveal. And after only a couple of pet-sitting jobs, she knew she'd found her nirvana by combining her profound love of animals with an odd tolerance for glee pee. If you've met her, you know how deep her compassion runs and that every pet she cares for holds a piece of her heart. 


Holly writes our Oh, Fur Pet's Sake blog, manages our website and social media outlets, and obsessively (your pet would argue annoyingly) practices pet photography.

Contact Holly:


After serving 25 years, Lisa is retired from the military and now gets to spend her days caring for nearly every animal you can think of: goats, pigs, horses, chickens, guinea pigs, donkeys, and every make and model of cat and dog nature has produced. Bringing a thoroughness you'd expect from an Army Major, she's skilled in doggie boot camps, guiding pups to walk better on a leash and follow basic commands. With a sharp sense of humor that's hard to top, both people and pets instinctively seek her out for her charisma, compassion, and flair for fun.

Contact Lisa:

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