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The Team of Oh, Fur Pet's Sake

We're a small business driven by people who love pets. You can be confident that under our care your pets will be safe, loved, and treated with care and compassion by professional and gentle pet professionals. 

Curious how we pay our pet care professionals?



After 25 years in a corporate cubicle, Holly ditched it all for her dream job. After a few pet sitting gigs, she discovered her nirvana, blending her profound animal love with an unusual tolerance for glee pee. If you've met her, you know her compassion runs deep, and every pet she cares for gets a piece of her heart. Holly oversees our marketing and technology platforms and has a borderline annoying dedication to perfecting pet photography. She's a certified professional pet sitter by the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.




For Angela, the words “animal lover” are not just adjectives – they are as ingrained into her being as her calmness and eye color. Even though there were brief interludes in her life when she lived under a “no pet” policy, she found ways to share her love of animals, whether through her black moor, Stormy, in his bowl or her parakeet, Popeye, who loved hanging out on her shoulder while she went about her daily chores. As she raised and homeschooled her seven children, she was still surrounded by all manner of furred, feathered, and scaled friends. She is the proud grandmother of three grandpups and is owned by three sassy felines. She is looking forward to sharing her love and experience with animals by caring for – and, yes, spoiling – your furbabies.

Pack Leader



With a lifelong love for animals, Janae is passionate about providing high-quality pet sitting and dog walking services. Her pet photography skills are unmatched, and she captures the unique personality of each animal she encounters. Janae's love for animals extends beyond traditional pets. She is one of the few people who lights up at the mention of pet chickens, and her dream of owning a horse keeps her motivated to provide the best service to every animal in her care.

Pack Leader



After serving 25 years, Lisa is retired from the military and now gets to spend her days caring for nearly every animal you can think of: goats, pigs, horses, chickens, guinea pigs, donkeys, and every make and model of cat and dog nature has produced. Bringing a thoroughness you'd expect from an Army Major, she's skilled in doggie boot camps, guiding pups to walk better on a leash and follow basic commands. With a sharp sense of humor that's hard to top, both people and pets instinctively seek her out for her charisma, compassion, and flair for fun.​ Lisa spearheads our business expansion initiatives and leads our growing team.  




Susan is a long-time valued member of our team at Oh, Fur Pet's Sake. As a mom of five kids, she is a natural nurturer and has a passion for taking care of all kinds of animals. With her extensive experience in pet care, Susan is dedicated to providing excellent service to our clients and their pets. She is reliable and conscientious and always goes the extra mile to make sure your pet is happy and healthy.

Pack Leader



Kristian has a huge heart for animals of all shapes and sizes. Kristian has worked with a wide variety of breeds that exhibit a wide range of behaviors, and he has always appreciated and enjoyed it to the utmost. Kristian is a resolute worker who is committed to upholding integrity and providing the best care possible for each animal placed in his care. He owns a Siberian Husky, a Pitbull, and two Pomskies. Kristian has a wealth of experience when it comes to how important mental and physical stimulation is for animals to be happy and healthy. Kristian's connection with animals ignites a fire in him — bringing him happiness, fun, and a sense of fulfillment!

Pack Leader



Megan grew up surrounded by pets of all shapes and sizes. She has a unique ability to calm even the most nervous pets, earning instant trust with her soothing presence. Recently saying goodbye to her beloved 11-year-old furbaby, Barkley, a brindle frug, Megan developed a soft spot for pets with disabilities and illnesses. Beyond her magical touch with animals, Megan brings order to the chaos of managing thousands of pet visits, ensuring our operations run as smoothly as a Siberian Husky in fresh snow. And if you follow us on social media, you can credit Megan's creative mind for the engaging content.

Operations Lead



Breanna has a deep passion for animals and is a loving fur mom to a beautiful Siberian Husky and two Bengal cats. Breanna has learned the specific needs and requirements of caring for an exuberant Husky. She knows the criticality of regular exercise to stimulate them physically and mentally. Also, with her experience working in a doggy daycare, Breanna has gained valuable insights into the various dog personalities and the different care styles that make them thrive. Her experience has equipped her with the skills and knowledge to ensure the well-being and happiness of every furry friend she looks after.

Pack Leader

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