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Overnight Pet Sitting

Providing Professional, Worry-Free Pet Care for Your Furry, Feathered, and Scaly Family Members


Overnight Pet Sitting

$150 for each night

This is our premium service when you want the best for your pets. It's the next best thing to you being with them, and we've designed it to remove all worry while you're away.


Your pets receive dedicated, overnight sitting in your home. Our sitter will stay in your home around the clock, with limited time away, ensuring your pets are happy and safe.


  • No additional fees. This is a flat-rate service for all your pets and their needs.

  • Care and attention in your own home where your pet is the happiest

  • Total peace of mind while you're away and direct communication with your sitter at all times

  • Includes daily updates with photos

  • Cat litter cleaning

  • Lite house cleaning, such as vacuuming litter and fur

  • Changing pet bedding as needed

  • Collecting mail

  • Turning lights on/off

  • Moving trash to or from the curb

  • Watering plants 

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