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Polly Doesn't Want a Cracker

Somewhere along the line, the phrase, “Polly want a cracker?” became synonymous with parrot ownership. It probably originated from the fact that these colorful and exotic birds could repeat simple phrases in a way that delighted people and appeared to show human ability to communicate. Thankfully, our knowledge of parrot keeping has improved tremendously, and people who share their lives with these amazingly intelligent creatures know just how much these pets understand. As a result, we know that Polly actually doesn’t want a cracker; they want to be understood and cared for in a manner that helps these long-lived birds live their best life.

Bird people passionate about parrot-keeping know just how important it is to prepare for a pet that can potentially outlive them. They spend hours researching the best practices and equipment that is needed to not just keep these pets alive – but allow them to thrive. Parrot owners seldom blink at the cost of providing for these beautiful and sentient creatures. From the largest cage possible to the endless toys and perches and the variety of commercial diets, parrot people spare no expense in caring for the feathered kids (known as Fids).

Having access to a trusted, reliable, and knowledgeable pet-sitting service can provide tremendous peace of mind if a bird owner wants or needs to be away from home.

Just as finding qualified and knowledgeable vet care for exotics is the highest priority – be it for well-bird check-ups, emergency visits, and new bird exams – finding reliable, caring, and experienced pet sitters for these delicate animals is just as important. Even if a parrot owner has understanding relatives or neighbors who are willing to pitch in and watch over a cherished Tweety during vacations or other extended absences, not everyone is capable or willing to care for a pet that can bite or screech bloody murder if someone else tries to provide for its basic needs.

However, having access to a trusted, reliable, and knowledgeable pet-sitting service can provide tremendous peace of mind if a bird owner wants or needs to be away from home – for any reason. Some companies and individuals may claim to be capable of providing care for these priceless pets in your absence. However, caring for a parrot is much different than ensuring a dog or cat has enough kibble and exercise. Parrots also need the mental stimulation of having people to talk to and spend some time paying attention to their emotional – not just physical needs. Many parrots require fresh food daily to help stimulate their appetite and foraging needs. The cage liner can provide important cues about the bird’s health, and an experienced pet sitter will know what to look for when cleaning the enclosure.

A pet sitting company experienced in caring for pet birds and other exotics can help ensure that your feathered friend is around for years to come to delight you with their antics, squawks, and requests for fresh salad, perhaps rather than a dry, boring cracker.


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