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Unleash the power of dog walking

One of the best gifts a pet parent can give their dog is daily walks. Whether it's a meandering stroll around the block or a jog through the park, the benefits of daily walks are immeasurable.

As crucial as walks are, they're equally challenging to squeeze into our schedule. Work demands, family, and home obligations, not to mention the challenges of a Minnesota winter, all throw hurdles at us.

We want to give our dogs the best possible life, and when we can't get them out for that daily adventure, we're wracked with guilt and feel we're letting them down. We get it. That's precisely why we have a new dog-walking service called the Canine Constitutional.

Set up repeating walks with Oh, Fur Pet's Sake, and we will get your pup that physical and mental stimulation they crave, and you can let go of the stress and guilt of trying to weave their walk into your day.

Consider all the things daily walks will do for your dog.

Health benefits of daily walks for your dog

The benefits of walking your dog are numerous. Regular exercise helps keep your pet at a healthy weight, which can reduce their risk of developing health problems in the future. It's a great way to keep muscles and joints strong and flexible, which is especially important for senior dogs.

Mental Benefits benefits of daily walks for your dog

Physical activity is only one benefit of regular walks. Spending time outside stimulates your dog's mind. Dogs need to think and problem-solve to stay sharp. Walking is a chance to explore their neighborhood, learn new commands, and practice their obedience skills, all excellent mental exercises. Getting them out also helps them learn how to socialize with other pets and people, which can help prevent behavioral issues. Socialization is vital for all the dogs who grew up sheltered by the pandemic.

How to know when your dog needs more exercise

Knowing how much exercise your dog needs is one of the critical responsibilities of having a dog. Therefore, it's essential to know the signs that they need more activity. For example, if your dog is displaying signs of restlessness, like pacing or panting, it may be time to up your walking routine to combat their boredom.

If your dog is exhibiting aggressive or destructive behaviors, like chewing on furniture or barking obnoxiously, grab the leash. Walking can help reduce these behaviors by providing an outlet for their energy.

Dog breeds that need the most exercise

Some breeds are naturally more active than others and require more exercise. If you've lived with a German shepherd, Labrador retriever, and especially a husky, you know their unyielding need for activity.

But don't mistake the less active nature of smaller breeds like chihuahuas, Pomeranians, and Shih Tzus for a dog who can be sedentary. They still need the mental activity of smelling, exploring, and socializing that walks provide.

The Canine Constitutional might be just what your dog needs

With all those benefits awaiting your dog, consider starting a walking routine for your puppy, senior, and everyone in between. Learn more about our new Canine Constitutional service, and together with Oh, Fur Pet's Sake, you can unleash the benefits of dog walking for your furry friend!


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