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Why hire a professional pet sitter

Rose the pet sitter hugging a donkey
Rose and Georgia

When we decide to open up our hearts and homes to a pet – or pets – we are often focused on the immediate needs and tasks that must be done to help our new family member thrive and live their best life. While these are important areas to focus on, it is also prudent to start thinking about how our beloved pet will be cared for if we have to be away from home. Whether it be for a business trip, a much-needed vacation, or any other unforeseen need to travel or be away, our fur, feathered, scaled, and finned babies will still need the level of care they are accustomed to receiving daily.

For many pet owners, there are family members who are more than happy to step in and take over the care of the pets who must stay behind. This is a great way to keep the pets in their home and maintain their regular schedules. However, there are many pet owners who discover that this option is not really an option at all for them. In these cases, pet parents often look into nearby boarding or pet daycare businesses that can provide the services their pets need. The majority of these businesses are reputable and will ensure that your pet receives all of its food and exercise requirements. In addition, there are plenty of outgoing animals who will accept these arrangements without getting their fur or feathers ruffled. However, there are countless pets who would much prefer to remain in the comfort of their own home with the sights, smells, and belongings that bring them comfort and security.

A trusted pet sitter can help ease anxiety and stress by providing gentle company and adhering to familiar routines.

Enter the Professional Pet Sitter. When owners have to leave, even the most well-adjusted pet can experience anxiety and stress. They form such deep attachments to their families that it’s often difficult for a pet to acclimate to a boarding environment when they are stressed about separating from their people. Hiring a trusted pet sitter can help ease anxiety and stress by providing gentle company and adhering to familiar routines. Pet sitters will provide the correct diet at the scheduled times, ensure potty breaks, boredom-busting walks, and playtime are provided, and ensure that the home stays safe and secure during the owners’ absence.

While there are many companies and individuals who are offering in-home pet care, Oh, Fur Pet’s Sake goes above and beyond many of these companies by offering that little something extra: love and genuine compassion for both our clients and their pets. We understand that the animals you have chosen to bring into your home are some of the most precious members of your family, and they deserve to be given the best care possible. We not only ensure that your pet’s basic needs are met; we also do our best to let your pet know that they are safe and secure in their own home while the family is away. We will offer unlimited snuggles, playtime, and companionship during each visit. We can also perform simple tasks that will help ease any worries or concerns you may have when you are away from home.


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