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Our Reviews

Much trust is needed between a pet sitter and a pet's family. You must know that your pets and home are cared for flawlessly and lovingly. We're tremendously proud to say that our customers are like family. The best sitter knows your pet's needs, fears, quirks, and favorite toys. There's no greater compliment than to hear, "When we say your name, she completely lights up."


​This is feedback from people who entrusted us with their pets. We love and know their pets as our own. We would greatly appreciate it if you'd leave your review.

Rose and Holly always go above and beyond with Macy and Nugget! nugget is a bit shy around new people, and they both take the time with him and he always comes around and is happy after a few minutes! I truly enjoy the pictures after each visit, and knowing my pups and house are in good hands when I’m away is truly a blessing!

Macy and Nugget's mom – Tami, Big Lake

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