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Vacation Visit Package

Rates cover every household pet and every need, no matter how many


Vacation Visit Package


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Daily wake-up, mid-day, and tuck-in visits

This is our ultimate vacation package for your pets. While you're off making memories, we'll treat your furry companions to a tailored itinerary of fun and familiarity. Based on our experience, this formula keeps pets happy and feeling spoiled while you're away. Our vacation package includes:


Morning Wake-Up, 40 minutes - $40

They start the day right with a thorough morning visit—potty breaks, breakfast, and medications are all covered.


Midday Break, 30 Minutes - $30

At midday, a quick pitstop ensures they get a break from their daily duties.


Evening Wind-Down, 60 Minutes - $50

The highlight? Our evening extravaganza! Dinner is served, followed by a final outdoor adventure and a cozy wind-down to prep for a peaceful night's sleep.


We customize our visits to your pet's needs, but here are some of our essential services:

  • Play and petting time. We even bring the toys!

  • Feeding 

  • Walks

  • Administering medications

  • Freshening the water

  • Potty breaks/walks or runs

  • Poop patrol

  • Scooping litter

  • Accident cleanup. We've seen it all!

  • Washing/changing pet bedding

  • Collecting mail and packages

  • Turning lights on/off

  • Moving trash to and from the curb

  • Watering indoor and outdoor plants

  • Filling outdoor bird feeders and waterers 


Our mobile app gives you complete peace of mind at each visit:

  • A text message the moment we arrive

  • A detailed report and photos at the end of each visit

  • The information includes full-visit GPS details of the sitter's location, including a precise map of the walk route

  • 24x7 real-time chat with your sitter

Want overnight care? That's our 24-hour service.

plus tax

plus tax

plus tax

Cat sitting in a suitcase

Looking for Cat-Focused Care?

Does your cat need daily litter checks with a side of playtime? We've got you covered.

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