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Our Rates and Services

Rates cover every pet and every need, no matter how many

Curious how we pay our pet care professionals?

Cat packed in a suitcase

Vacation Visits

30-minute visit

60-minute visit

Our pets became accustomed to having us home. But we're going into the office and being social again. That's where we can help. Having us as a trusted care partner can calm and reassure pets. We will give them that needed potty break, meal, medication, walk, and hug.

French Bulldog waiting by door with leash

Daily Walks and Visits

30-minute visit

60-minute visit

If your dog needs extra daily activity, our daily walk program is for you. Schedule two or more walks or visits each week and put it on autopilot. We'll take it from there.

Puppy and kitten sleeping in a bed under a blanket

24-Hour Overnight Care

24 Hours

12 Hours

This is our premium service when you want the best for your pets. It's the next best thing to you being with them, and we've designed it to remove all worry while you're away. Our sitter will stay in your home around the clock, with limited time away, ensuring your pets are happy and safe.

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