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A Tale of Two Lilies

When you encounter as many pets as I do, you expect to come across some duplicate names. But I have to credit you all for being creative and unique with your pet monikers. There's a surprising variety out there. Most days, my brain finds it easier to resort to my go-to tags of "monkey" and "fuzzy butt" when addressing all the pets I see, my own included.

Lily the Maltese is roughly the size of Lily the St. Bernard's ear flap.

Recently I've had back-to-back weeks with two dogs named Lily, and they could not be more different from each other. One Lily is the largest dog I hang out with, the other the tiniest.

Lily the Maltese is roughly the size of Lily the St. Bernard's ear flap. Little Lily lives on the 18th floor of a building in downtown Minneapolis where she has a tiny heated balcony grass pad that she potties on and then hurriedly zooms inside to recover from the trauma of using it.

The larger Lily lives for winter, spending as much time outside in the sub-freezing temps as allowed. She stops drinking from her water bowl in the snow season and exclusively uses her powerful jaws to crunch frozen chunks out of the icy drifts in her yard.

But for all their differences, I suspect the two would be fast friends. The larger Lily would likely take to protecting the little Lily. And the little Lily would draw the playful side out of the larger Lily.

That's the beauty of dogs. They are as different and unique as are their names. Each one has a personality and quirks like no other. But they are all the same in offering unconditional love, trust, and need for us. So regardless if you have a little Lily, a large Lily, or both as I do, you undoubtedly share your home with a gentle soul who wants nothing more than to love and be loved.

Dogs are pure awesomeness, and I'm nothing but lucky to spend time with so many of them, big and small.

Lily the St. Bernard
Lily the St. Bernard

Lily the Maltese
Lily the Maltese



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