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Doberman Puppy Visits

Two months ago, I got a phone call from some new pet parents. They'd been thinking about getting a dog and somewhat suddenly brought home a brand new puppy. With both of them working full-time, they needed some extra help. Less than 24 hours after they got her, I was in their living room putting together a plan with them for daily play and potty visits.

I was excited to hang out with a puppy every day because, well, who isn't excited to hang out with a puppy? But I had no idea this little one would completely steal my heart. Oddly, I’d never met a Doberman Pincher in all of my years. It was one breed I didn’t know. Like everyone, to me, a Doberman conjured up images of a lanky but muscular intimidation machine. That's as far as my stereotype went.

After two months with puppy Noelle, I’ve discovered that Dobermans are some of the most loving and protective dogs your family can have. They don't trust quickly, but once you bond with one, you have a steadfast buddy who wants nothing more than to share adventures with you. Beyond our daily playdates, I’ve also taken care of Noelle when her parents have been out of town. And I’ve helped on days when she hasn’t been feeling well. I like to think I’m an honorary member of her pack after all of our time together.

Dobermans also have boundless energy. Now take what you think “boundless energy” means and multiply it a few times, and you're getting closer. As someone who has spent a lifetime around Siberian Huskies, I thought I knew energy. Dobermans have all of that and more.

As she’s gotten older and bigger over these two months, it’s been harder and harder to put her back in her kennel after my daily visits. Both physically harder because I can’t just pick her up anymore and emotionally harder because 30 minutes of fetch doesn’t wear her out like it once did. Those big brown eyes plead with me not to leave her, and I can see the energy inside of her wanting to come out.

This is what I truly love about being a pet sitter. I meet these gentle souls and develop a love for them and their families.

After some thought, I floated an idea by her parents. Maybe Noelle could spend an afternoon each week at my house. I have five crazy dogs and a large fenced yard. Not only would it be a great exercise opportunity but also an excellent socialization activity for her. My dogs vary in age and size, and they’re perfect for teaching a puppy what’s acceptable and what’s not. Plus, Noelle’s a little too excited by her cat sister. I could help her work through some of that overexcitement with my four cats.

Her parents are dedicated to doing all they can for Noelle, and we’ve developed a great relationship over these months. So it didn’t take too much contemplation before we all agreed to give it a try. That’s where we are today. I drop by for my daily visits, and Noelle swings by my place for a playdate once a week. I’m having a blast watching her grow into a confident (but still lanky) dog. I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity.

This is what I truly love about being a pet sitter. I meet these gentle souls and develop a love for them and their families. Now Dobermans are among my favorites. And I have such an appreciation for their intelligence, loyalty, friendship, and those big brown eyes.

Puppy Photo Book

As a surprise for her parents, I assembled some of my favorite Noelle photos and put them into a puppy book for them. These are the photos I picked. The first photos are from when I first met her, the last from just this week. You can see her growth over these two months.



Jan 31, 2022

On top of everything else, you’re an amazing writer. One word: rockstar! Loving all your blogs and other posts. How can anyone not adore all the little furry faces that you post and I can see why you love what you do. And Noelle, gah! She gives me puppy fever.

Jan 31, 2022
Replying to

Thanks for those kind words. As for puppy fever, you should get one. 😁 Then I’ll come over and hang out with it. 😉


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