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The Snuggly Snake?

Obviously, people who choose pet sitting and other animal-related jobs adore animals. However, even the most ardent animal lover may have a particular species or class of animal that they are less than fond of or even downright fearful of. Many of those fears or aversions are based on childhood myths or cultural beliefs about the potential dangers those animals may pose to people. In reality, most fears come from a lack of knowledge or experience with the species in question. 


Two types of animals that are most frequently maligned are snakes and arachnids. Granted, there are reasons to have a healthy respect for both of these animals, but that doesn’t mean we need to have an overriding fear of them. As the pet trade has evolved over the past several decades, the popularity of both of these types of animals as pets has greatly increased. As a result, more and more pet-centered businesses are finding that they will encounter these animals more frequently. It is important that pet sitters learn how to provide appropriate care for these pets. 

There is a two-pronged approach to help manage the fear of caring for less-cuddly pets. The first is to research and learn as much as possible about these animals. It's important, though, to gain the information from only reliable sources as there is an abundance of false – and even dangerous – information out there that is either outdated or patently wrong. There are many keepers and breeders out there who are working hard to ensure that these types of pets receive the dedicated and correct care that they deserve.


The second approach is to spend time in the presence of these animals. Those who want to be able to handle these animals with confidence can contact breeders and owners and ask for the opportunity to be introduced to these pets in a safe environment. It might be best to avoid big box pet stores as these sources may not possess the most up-to-date care guides, and their animals sometimes suffer from parasites and illnesses. Specialized reptile stores and smaller businesses take great pains to ensure that their livestock is healthy and kept in the best conditions.

The pet sitters who are able to include all manner of pets in their services are the sitters who will have a paw – or claw–up on the competition. Oh, Fur Pet’s Sake has made sure that they have a staff of sitters who are more than ready to extend a loving hand to whatever pet you call part of your family. So, if your baby has fur, feathers, scales, fins, hooves, claws, or spider webs, we have you covered!



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