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Driving Miss Daisy... and Bella, and Bear, and Oliver...

One of the many things I love about running my own business is that I get the opportunity to fulfill the old business adage of "find a need, and fill it." Unfortunately, we've all had a crash course in how the world can transform itself at whiplash speed. One minute we're working from home and adopting pets to participate in our Zoom calls. The next we find ourselves slowly making the transition back to the office, much to the dismay of our furry Zoom colleagues.

Did you know that if a dog has been getting spontaneous and frequent potty breaks over these last many months, its bladder isn't physically strong enough to make it thru an entire workday? Dogs need time to strengthen those muscles by moving slowly into their new routine.

So as more people are going back to the office full-time, I'm getting a significant uptick in dog walking and drop-in requests. I love that people think about their dogs and do all the right things for their happiness, like potty breaks when they're alone too long.

Even more interesting to me are the pet taxi requests. As we get back to our office routines, we're discovering that driving pets to and from vet appointments, grooming appointments, and daycare visits is problematic.

Although I've been doing it informally, I'm excited to now offer pet taxi services as another way to help busy pet parents juggle all of their daily responsibilities. We can pick up and drop off from daycare, the groomer, another pet sitter, whatever you may need. And we can take your pet to their vet appointment, even staying to help keep them at ease and to be a communication bridge between you and your vet.

And as with all of our services, I have kept the rates economical and straightforward. Each pick-up is $20, and each mile your pet travels is an additional $1. If we wait with your pet and make it a roundtrip visit, add $20 an hour.

Also, if you ever need another form of pet assistance that's not explicitly called out on our site, please ask! We pride ourselves in helping you and your pet whenever and however we can.



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