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Oh, Fur Pet’s Sake

When I started my corporate career back in the early 90s, one of my coworkers announced that he was quitting to start a dog walking business. I was in awe—what a brilliant career change. I stayed at that company for 25 more years, but the seed was planted. So when I left the cubicle world and found myself kicking around ways to keep busy, I thought about that coworker.

Not knowing if I'd find demand, I dipped my toe into pet sitting almost out of curiosity. It took off. And more importantly, I discovered I was having a blast doing it. I dubbed the business, Paws 'N' Claws, but that never felt right.

New Name

I wanted a fun, unique name to capture our upper midwest dialect. So that's how "Oh, Fur Pet's Sake" was born. Any good midwesterner can hear the long vowels in that while reading it. It's perfect! Over the coming weeks, you'll see the transition to the new name and brand rollout across social media, Google, and this website.

New Scheduling App

I'm also launching a scheduling app with exciting new functionality to make booking appointments more straightforward and communication more accessible. More to follow on that shortly.

New Partner

To keep up with growing demand, I'm adding a business partner to help with walks, drop-in visits, taxi service, scheduling, etc. Between the two of us, we'll be able to pet more dogs, feed more cats, and I'll be able to write more blogs.

Thank You!

A huge thank you to all of our human and furry clients who trust us, make us feel appreciated, and essentially make us extended family members. We're excited to keep this train rolling full steam ahead with all of your support.


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